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Ncert solution of class 12 vistas memories of childhood


I. The two accounts that you read above are based in two distant cultures. What is the commonality of theme found in both of them?
Ans:There is no doubt that the two accounts are based in two distant cultures- American and Indian. The commonality of theme is the oppression of people. In America a Red-lndian girl suffers because of her race and in India a girl suffers indignities because of her caste. Though the two women were born in distant lands separated by seven-seas, they suffered at the hands of the rich and powerful. The white people in America imposed their will on American Indian people, Zitkala-Sa’s long hair was cut against her will, and against the values dear to her upbringing.
Barna was pained to see that the high-caste people treated the Dalits like their slaves. Whereas they were made to work for the landlords, they were not allowed to touch their food. They were untouchable. It was unjust and unfair.
2. It may take a long time for expression to be resisted, but the seeds of rebellion are sowed early in life. Do you agree that injustice in any form cannot escape being noticed even by children?
Ans: Children are most sensitive. They notice every thing very minutely. It is therefore natural that injustice in any form cannot escape being noticed even by children.
Some people might ignore children. They might think children cannot know what is unjust. But it is an entirely wrong nation. Nothing escapes children’s notice. They see all but may not speak. But their spirit revolts against injustice. When they grow up, they stand to oppose it.
3. Barna’s experience is that of a victim of the caste system. What kind of discrimination does Zitkala-Sa’s experience depict? What are their responses to their respective situations?
Ans:Zitkala Sa revolted against the imposition of white man’s will Americans Indians he did not like to be deprived of her shawl, and to wear-tightlyfitting clothes and hard shoes. But what pained her most was cutting off her long braids of hair. She resisted as much as she could. She hid herself, she cried and scratched but she was powerless.Barna was pained at the injustice meted out to the Dalits. But her brother told her that unless she worked hard and learned her lessons, she could not gain respect and dignity. She took her brother’s advice, She worked hard and stood first in her class. Many of her classmates became her friends of their own.

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