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The tiger king extra questions and answer

Very Short Answer Questions: (1 mark each)
a. Who is the Tiger King?
Ans: The Maharaja of Pratibarndapuram, Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur is called the tiger king.
b. Why does the Tiger King get his name?
Ans : The Tiger King gets his name for the reason that after his birth it was predicted that he would be killed by a tiger and so he decided to kill hundred tigers for his safety as advised by the astrologer.
c. What is the natural desire among men regarding the Tiger King?
Ans : The natural desire among men is to meet the Tiger King.
d. Why can the natural desire to meet the ‘Tiger King’ not be fulfilled? 
Ans:The desire to meet the ‘Tiger King’ cannot be fulfilled because like all other living creatures on this earth he has also reached that fmal abode. The ‘Tiger King’ is also no more. He is dead.
e. What did the astrologers foretell about the ‘Tiger King’?
Ans. The astrologers foretold that the ‘Tiger King’ would be killed by a tiger as he was born in the hour of the Bull and the
Bull and the Tiger are enemies.
f) Give another word for ‘enunciated’, harakiri’?
Ans : Enunciated- Pronounced clearly Harakiri- Ritual suicide
g. How did the chief astrologer caution the Tiger King after he had killed his first tiger?
Ans : The chief astrologer cautioned the Tiger King saying that even if he killed ninety-nine tigers, he would still have fatal danger from the hundredth one.
h. What did the chief astrologer profess to do if the Tiger King killed the hundredth tiger?
Ans : The chief astrologer professed to cut off his tuft, crop his hair short, set all his books of astrology on fire and become an insurance agent if the Tiger King killed the hundredth tiger.
i. Why was it celebration time for all the tigers inhabiting Pratibandapuram?
Ans : It was a celebration time for the tigers inhabiting . Pratibandapuram because they would get honour by being killed by the royal gun.
j) Why is it said that the Maharaja’ s tiger hunts were highly successful?
Ans : It is said that the Maharaja’s tiger hunts were highly successful because within ten years he was able to kill seventy tigers
k. What is the price of the wooden toy tiger?
Ans : The price of the wooden toy tiger was two annas and a quarter.
l. How much did the Maharaja pay for the wooden toy tiger?
Ans: The Maharaja paid three hundred rupees for the Wooden toy tiger except him. It also stated that anyone who dared to even hurt a tiger would have his wealth and property confiscated. The Maharaja vowed to attend to all matters of the State only after killing hundred tigers.
a. What explanation was given by the chief astrologer to the query of the little Tiger King?
Ans : The chief astrologer explained to the crowned prince that he was born in the hour of the Bull and the Bull and the Tiger are enemies.Hence,he would be killed by a tiger.
b. What did the Tiger King pronounce when he heard that his death would be caused by a Tiger?
Ans : When the Tiger King heard that his death would come from a tiger, he warned all tigers to beware of him. The Maharaja issued a proclaimation banning tiger hunting in the state by anyone
c. What was easier to find than tigers, after the Tiger King killed the ninety-ninth tiger?
Ans : The writer in the story comically said that tiger’s milk was easier to find than a tiger because the Maharaja had killed so many tigers that it almost became extinct both in his kingdom and in his father-in-law’s kingdom.
d. Who were Khader Mian Saheb and Virasami Naicker?
Ans : Khader Mian Saheb and Virasami Naicker were skilled thieves who stole sheep from the villagers. They were famous for their ability to swallow sheep whole.
e. What was the happy news for the Tiger King after a long time?
Ans : The happy news for the Tiger King was that after a long time news had come that sheeps were disappearing from the villages. This was thought to be a tiger’s work which meant the king had finally found the hundredth tiger for him to kill.
a. How did the Tiger King grew up?
Ans : The Tiger king grew up aller and stronger day by day. The prince drank the milk of an English cow, was brought up by an English nanny, tutored in English by an Englishman, saw nothing but English films exactly as the crown princes of all the other Indian states did. When he came of age at twenty, the State, which had been with the Court of Wards until then, came into his hands.
b. Why was there no objection to the killing of tigers?
Ans : There was no objection to the killing of tigers because according to the prediction of the chief astrologer the king was going to be killed by a tiger.Thus, to stop this eventuality of his death from a tiger, tigers were being killed without objection.
c. What were the various dangers faced by Tiger King in his hunting spree?
Ans : The king faced various dangers while killing tigers.For instance there were times when the bullet missed its mark and the king had to fight the tiger with his bare hands but each time he won.At another time ‘he was in danger of losing his throne to a British official who came to visit Pratibandapuram.At yet another time the tiger population became extinct in the forests of Pratibandapuram. ‘ '
d. What did .the Maharaja do to appease the British officer whom he prevented from hunting tigers?
Ans : The Maharaja ordered a famous British company of jewellers in Calcutta to send samples of expensive diamond rings or” different designs to the wife of the ofticial.Fifty rings were sent and it was assumed by the Maharaja that the good lady Would choose one or two and send the rest back. But. she kept
all of them for which the Maharaja had to pay three lakh rupees. He did all these to appease the British official.
e) What did the Dewan do ahaut procuring a tiger on pain of losing his job?
Ans: The dewan for fear of losing his job brought a tiger
from People’s Park in Madras and in the midnight took the tiger to the forest in their car and pushed it down to the forest. On the following day the tiger wandered in to the Maharaja’s presence and stood there in front of him and finally the King got the chance to kill the hundredth tiger.
f) How did the hundredth tiger die?
Ans : The hundredth tiger which was the last of the King’s kill walked in front of him. The Maharaja took a careful shot and fired the bullet at the tiger.The tiger fell on the ground but it was not dead.The tiger was merely unconscious from the shock of the bullet whizzing past.Unaware of this the Maharaja
ordered the tiger to be brought for procession.But when the hunters checked out ,they discovered the truth.The hunters for the fear of losing their job didnot inform the Maharaja about it but killed the tiger themselves by shooting at it.The last tiger died in this way.
Very Long Answer Question: (7 marks each)
1. Describe the comic scene between the Tiger King and hisDewan? What did the Tiger King actually wish to convey to the Dewan?
Ans : The question relates to the chapter ‘The Tiger King’ where the protagonist tries to change his destiny through the use of power but ultimately fails in doing so. The story is an ironical one and the writer has also used many comical scenes to make the story interesting for the readers. One such instance is the comic scene between the Tiger King and the dewan. The king told his dewan that thirty tigers are yet to be killed. While conveying his concern the King brandished his gun. But the dewan thought that the king was going to kill him. And with great fear he pleaded the Maharaja not to kill him as he was neither a tiger nor a gun. When the Maharaja explained that he had no such intentions and he called the dewan to say that he decided to get married, the dewan started to babble even more thinking that the Maharaja wanted him to marry again.He also thought the Maharaja was going to marry a tiger instead.Finally,in sheer bafflement the Maharaj a explained to him that he had no such intentions but he wanted to marry a girl from the ranks of human being.
The King actually wanted to convey that he wanted to many a girl whose kingdom had the largest population of tigers so that he could kill them each time he visited his in-law’s place.
2. How did the Tiger King finally die?
Ans : This question relates to the chapter ‘The Tiger King’ where the protagonist tries to change his destiny with the use of power but finally fails in his attempt.
A few days after the hundredth tiger’s death the Maharaja’s son’s birthday was celebratedThe Maharaja wished to give him somespecial gift on his birthday and after a great deal of search he spotted a wooden tiger in a toy shop and decided that it was the perfect gift.The wooden tiger cost only two annas and a quater but the shopkeeper said it was an extremely rare example of craftsmanship and charged three hundred rupees from the King. That day while the father and Son were playing with the little toy-tiger, one of the slivers of Wood which stood out like quills all over it,‘ pierced the Maharaja’s right handThe Maharaja pulled it out and continued to play with the prince. The next day, infection flared in the Maharaja’s right hand. Three renowned surgeons were called from Madras but they couldnot save ‘the king. Thus, the Tiger King died and the hundredth tiger took his revenge upon him.

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