Wednesday, 28 March 2018


1) Who is Jo? How does she respond to her father’s story telling?
Ans: Jo is Jack'sdaughter. She would fall asleep while listening the story. But now she is four years old and responds to her father’s story-telling by raising some moral questions.
2) What possible plot line could the story continue with?
Ans: The story was at the point when Roger Skunk played with his friends.Naturally, Jo thought that the story would be all over soon as it usually did. She began to fuss with her hands and look out of the window. It was then that Jack asked her to listen carefully. The most important part was yet to come, he said. So, Jack continued telling his story.
3) What do you think was Jo’s problem?
Ans: Jo is young. She thinks children have a right to shape their future according to to thier need. But Jo’s father jack defends parents right to make them the way they think is best for them.
1) What is the moral issue that the story raises?
Ans: The story raises a moral issue. It is raised by the four years old Joe in the story. The author tells Joe a story in which a very legitimate desire of a small animal is not allowed to be fulfilled simply because his mother wanted it so. The wizard had changed the smell of little Roger Skunk. In place of the very foul small, it had began to smell roses. Roger Skunk’s mother would have none of it. She hit the wizard on the head and her baby began to give the foul smell again.
Joe does not agree with this ending. She asks her father to change it. She wants him to say that in reply the wizard also hit the mother so that Roger Skunk would go on with the smell of roses.
So the moral issue is whether, the wish of a parent must always be respected?
2. How does Jo want the story to end and why?
Ans: Jo wants to end the story with the wizard hitting Roger Skunk's mother. She wants it so because in that case Roger Skunk could continue with his new smell of roses.
3. Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?
Ans: It seems Jack too had some problem with his mother. Obviously, it seems that the wish of the mother prevailed over some of his very legitimate desire. However, he does not like to think that his mother was wrong. He is afraid that perhaps even his four-year-old daughter understands it. But now that he is a parent himself, he defends his mother. He wants to teach the same lesson to her daughter that a parent knows much better than a child.
4. What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position?
Ans: Jack feels caught in an ugly middle position. Even at his age, ne is not quite sure whether he himself was right or his mother. He let his mother’s wish prevail but somehow his heart has never quite accepted the decision. The decision, perhaps related his marriage also. That is why even though, his head asks him to help his wife in her work, his heart revolts against it. He wants to have nothing to do with her.
5) What is your stance regarding the two endings to the Roger Skunk story?
Ans: My stance is that the ending given by Jack is right. However, the Skunk’s mother in the story should have taken pains to make her baby realise the correctness of her decision.
6) Why is an adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child’s?
Ans: A child is not experienced in the worldly mothers. Moreover, he is guided by his heart rather than by his head. In the world of the adults, the experience plays a great role. So the voice of the heart is mostly crushed and the voice of the head prevails. Moreover, people want to see their children resembling themselves and just as they have brought them to life. Wishing for a change is to accept one’s own shortcomings. Not many people are brave enough to do so.

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