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1) List the things of beauty mentioned in the poem.

Ans: The poem mentions many beautiful things. They are:

(1') a quiet bower
(ii) a peaceful sleep
(iii) a wreath of flowers
(iv) the sun, the moon and the trees
(v) daffodils
(vi) clear rills
(vii) gandeurs of the dooms

2. List the things that cause suffering and pain.

Ans:The poem mentions a few things that cause suffering and pain. These are: (i) dearth of noble natures
(ii) gloomy days
(iii) unhealthy and over-darkened ways through which human beings must pass (iv) dark spirits

3. What does the line, ‘Therefore are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to earth’ suggest to you ?

Ans: In this line Keats says that human beings are Aware of the value of beauty in life. They know that a wreath of flowers in the morning can make their whole day worth living. For, in the moments of gloom and grief, the thought 'of the beautiful wreath will give them solace. Thus this line suggests to us that a simple but beautiful thing like a wreath of flowers is a very valuable thing.

4. What makes human beings love life in spite of troubles and sufferings ?

Ans: It is always something beautiful and its memory that makes human beings love life. It may be in nature as in the flowers, the suns, the moon,trees etc. Or it may be in ideas like ‘the grandeur of the dooms’ which ‘we have imagined for our mighty dead.” Whatever it may be, it is the desire and thought of beauty. That lines in spite of troubles and sufferings.

5. Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the mighty dead ?

Ans: The grandeur is always associated with the mighty dead. It is believed that their life was a beauty while they lived and that they will have a mote beautiful life waiting for them after their death.

6. Do we experience things of beauty only for short moments of do they make a lasting impression on us ?

Ans: Things of beauty make a lasting impression on us. That' is why Keats says ‘A thing of beauty' is a joy forever’. It is why we make a wreath of flowers every morning in spite of many disappointments. The thought of those flowers or some other such thing enables us to lift the pall of gloom from our dark spirits. It is just as the memory of sunlight enables us to pass ' the dark night with hope and cheer.

7. What image does the poet use to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth ?

Ans: The poet uses the image of nature to describe the beautiful bounty of the earth. The sun, the moon and the trees all add to the beauty. The daffodils are a pleasure to watch. The clear streams of water with a sprinkling of beautiful musk rose flowers is a very beautiful bounty of the earth.

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