Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Q1) What is Saheb looking for in the garbage dumps? Where is he and where has he come from?
Ans: Saheb is looking for gold in the garbage dumps. The dumps are in the his neighbourhood. He lives in Seemapuri. His native place is Bangladesh from where his parents came in 1971 as refugees.
Q2) what explanations does the author offer for the children not wearing footwear?
Ans: The author has seen many children in villages as well as cities in India walking barefoot. The general explanation is that it is not lack of money but a tradition to stay barefoot. The author, however is not sure. She things that in many cases, it may be an excuse to explain away a perpetual state of poverty.
Q3) Is Saheb happy working at the tea stall ? Explain.
Ans: No. Saheb is not happy working at the tea stall. As a rag-picker he was his own master but now he is a servant of the tea shop owner.
Q4)  what makes the city of Firozabad famous?
Ans: The city of Firozabad is famous for it's bangles. It is a centre of India's glass blowing industry. Here are families who have spent  generation working around furnaces, welding glass and making bangles for all the women of the country.
Q5) Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry.
Ans: The hazards of working in the glass industry are many. People have to work in dingy cells without air or light. There are furnaces with high temperature. This atmosphere is particularly harmful for the eyes. It is illegal for the children to work in this industry but they do and consequently lose the brightness of the eyes. The dust form polishing the glass of bangles affects the eyes even more badly and often causes blindness.
Q6) How is Mukesh attitude to his situation different from that of his family?
Ans: Mukesh attitude to his situation is different from his family because he is daring. While others think that they have no option but to continue in the paternal trade of bangle making. Mukesh is determined to become a Motor Mechanic.Thus he has some reason which others in the family don't possesses. He wants ultimatly to drive a car. Does Mukesh attitude is different from others in the family.

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