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Q1) What is the "misadventure" that William Douglas speaks about?

Ans: the misadventure William Douglas speaks about happened in the water pool of  Y.M.C.A. in Yakima. Douglas was about 10 or 11 years old at the time. He was trying to learn swimming with the help of his water wings. One day while he was sitting on the side of the pool , a big  bruiser of a boy suddenly pick him up and threw him into the nine feet deep water. Douglas used all his mind and might to come out on the surface and paddle to the edge of the pool. However all is attempts failed. In the end he was so tired that he gave up all efforts to come out and lost consciousness. It was them that someone picked him up and brought him to the Shore. He survived somehow but the incident haunted him till many days afterwards. This is the misadventure that William Douglas speaks about.

Q2) What were the series of emotions and fears that Douglas experienced when he was thrown into the pool ? What plans did he make to come to the surface ?

Ans: Douglas was frightened when he was thrown into the pool but he had not lost his reason in the beginning. He had a plan to come out of the deep water. However, his repeated attempt to carry out his plan failed. It was then that the Sheer stark terror seized him. It was a terror that knew no understanding. Douglas found it difficult to control his emotion of terror. Only those who experience a death like situation know what it is. Still he made one last effort. This too failed and the terror took a deeper hold on him. He Shook and trembled with fear. He tried to call for help, call for mother. " Nothing happened".

Q3) How did this experience affect him?

Ans: The experience had a great unnerving effect on Douglas.  He felt weak and trembling. He shook and cried when he lay on his bed. He could not eat that night. 4 days a Haunting fear was in his heart. The slightest exertion upset him, making his legs unsteady and causing a pain in his stomach.
A few years later when I came to know the waters of the Cascades, I wanted to get into them. And whenever I did whether I was wading the Tieton or Bumping River or bathing in Warm Lake of the Goat Rocks- the terror that had seized me in the pool would come back. It would take possession of me completely. My legs would become paralysed . Icy horror would grab my heart.

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